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 Located between Morrison and Conifer, CO, this woman-owned, women-run, Westfarm Goats farm is part of our dream of living simply, living in sustainability, and helping to make a difference in the world of the 21st century.


"Choose soaps for the bathroom that appeal to all the senses. They need to look attractive, smell pleasant and should also feel good to the touch".
(pg 123) Feng Shui For Modern Living 
by Stephen Skinner

Our soaps begin with goat milk from our dairy herd of Nubians and Oberhaslis. Whether the milk is from Avalon, Isabelle or Daisy, the milk is the foundation of all our soaps. We care about the products used in these soaps. This super-moisturizing, hand-made soap also contains honey from a local mountain producer, as well as dried lavender, lemon balm and other herbs grown outside our backdoor. We use only high quality essential oils, natural and organic carrier oils. No petroleum products or extra chemicals are added. Fresh, natural, organic ingredients are all part of Westfarm Goats’ Milk Soap with every bar that is made in our own kitchen.

Now partnering with Rainbow Ridge goat farm. Todd Doleshall interned with me to learn soap making. Now he is making wonderful soap withthe same high quality ingredients that I use. He has developed some wonderful scents. So to add variety to our soap market, I'm now offering Rainbow Ridge Farms Natural Goat Milk Soap. Click here to go directly to my Etsy sales site to buy our soaps.

Enjoy this video clip of April 27th's Barn Open House. 15 Kids and counting!



Photos courtesy of:  Povy Kendal Atchison, www.povy.com