Eggs for Sale

If you live nearby eggs can be purchased at the farm. Call 303-697-1755

Our happy chickens receive a daily a blend of all natural and organic grains, alfalfa leaves, and veggie scraps. They have access to a yard everyday (when it is snowing they usually choose to stay inside).

During the summer and fall months they wander the goat pens and pasture scratching and eating delicious bugs and worms.

Since it’s difficult to tell the difference between chickens of the same breed, all the Silver-Laced Wyandotts are named Matilda, all the Black Australop hens are Penelope.

The roosters, Conrad and his sidekick Slim Jim are the flock protectors. Roosters have a distinct shriek when foxes are near.

Photos courtesy of:  Povy Kendal Atchison,