Goat Milk Soap

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This super-moisturizing soap is made with fresh goat’s milk, honey, various blends of olive, sunflower, apricot kernel, rice bran, grapeseed oil, shea & coconut oils, and mango  butter. I use only high quality essential oils. Soybean oil is no longer being used in this soap as I am not able to get any that is not genetic modified (GMO).

Be aware that there is very little lather from all natural soaps (lather is made by adding chemicals).

Standard fragrances available: all bars $6 unless otherwise specified.

  1. Lavender Lemongrass
  2. Lavender & Honey – for sensitive skin 
  3. Lavender Sage
  4. Lavender Vanilla
  5. New Mint & Honey
  6. Lemongrass & Ginger
  7. Peppermint  
  8. Cedarwood Sage
  9. Woodsman – Rosemary, Sage and Pine
  10. Juniper Sage 
  11. Chocolate Chunk
  12. Ultra-moisturizing Rosemary Grapefruit
  13. “Unscented” -  no additives - $5 per bar
  14. Lavender Peppermint

Featured new items:

  1. Rosemary with Flax Seed - an exfoliant and anti-inflammatory soap
  2. Pumpkin with Ground Cinnamon - a deep cleaning facial soap with antibacterial properties

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Photos courtesy of:  Povy Kendal Atchison, www.povy.com