I have been using West Farm soap products for several years and enjoy the many fragrances available for men and women.  It's great knowing that these soaps are produced locally by Lori's goats with minimal impact on the environment."        ~ Cheers, Don W - Colorado

I really enjoy Lori's homemade goat milk soaps. The essences fragrant the soap without being overpowering and my skin does not feel dried out after using it like conventional soaps. Goats rock!        ~ Rosann P - Colorado

I've been using Westfarm soaps as my only household soap for a few years now and love it. Right now I have maple leaves at my kitchen sink, a spice bar at the bathroom sink, and a lavender bar in the shower. I give Westfarm soaps for gifts throughout the year.... folks who got the peppermint holly bars last year at Christmas still talk about that soap!         ~ Nancy N - Colorado

Essential oils, goat milk and a great selection of herbs are some of the best ingredients to pamper my skin.   The moisturizing and soothing qualities of the soaps keep my skin soft and happy!        ~ Nancy R - Colorado

I have eczema and sensitivity to some of the chemicals used in soap and cosmetics. Westfarm Goat's milk soap has never irritated my skin.  I love the fragrances and the purity of the ingredients.             ~ Claire - Colorado

From my sister "Heidi"...."The Chocolate peppermint goat soap is Divine...I wanted to stay in the shower ALL DAY and considered eating, though its silkiness was so nice on my skin, I opted not to bite it!!"         ~ Anonymous, New York

From Bill..."The Woodsman soap is ideal for men...I felt a call to run naked through the woods...and HURRAY, my skin didn't feel dried out!"         ~ Anonymous, Colorado

I love Westfarm Goats' Milk Soap! The soap is made from natural ingredients and essential oils, so I know it is safe for everyday use. The lavender lemongrass blend is my favorite, but all the other fragrances are delightful as well.
The emollient qualities make this soap the best choice for anyone living in a dry, cold climate like Wyoming.        ~ Judy T, Wyoming

I started using Lori’s soaps when her mother introduced me to them some time ago.  I am amazed at the many wonderful scents offered, especially the more "masculine" scents.  The soap leaves me feeling clean and refreshed without and "chemical/deodorant" residue.  Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into creating such a great product!         ~ Charles J - Wyoming

Photos courtesy of:  Povy Kendal Atchison, www.povy.com